What Is Casual Clothing?

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If there is a sixth point, it’s that casual-chic clothes have to be worn in an unfussy method. This is an extension of knowing how to look after your garments, and taking the time to do so. This usually means the clothing is pricey, however arguably the way those clothes are looked after is simply as important.

Casual Style

Because as quickly as a week is how typically most individuals do laundry. We need sufficient clothes for each day of the week, plus a few additional days just in case. As I mentioned in my post on building a minimalist wardrobe, I like to start with a 1.5 week’s worth of outfits. Like any good wardrobe, it’s not a couple of single individual piece, but how your pieces work together as part of a versatile wardrobe. The MORE a bit of clothing has, the MORE it leans casual.