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Kellerman refused to compete in an inconvenient and ill-fitting garment which would meet their modesty requirements, so she as a substitute sewed black stockings onto her swimsuit, as seen in determine 6. Her swimsuit was deemed to be of indecent exposure; nevertheless, this was overruled in her favour as the decide agreed that heavy and ill-fitting swimsuits were impractical garments for swimming. Into the Eighteen Eighties, women continued to put on bathing dresses, as seen in figures three and 4. Women often wore belts on the waist to copy the popular silhouette of the time. Under the showering costume, women would put on bloomer-like trousers to hold up their modesty.

Women Fashion

The design of the bikini is credited to two separate designers who launched the revolutionary garment at the similar time. Jacques Heim, a French fashion designer, created a minimalist two-piece swimming garment in May 1946, known as the Atome. Heim’s Atome featured a bra-like top and bottoms which lined the bottom and navel. Later that year, in July 1946, Louis Réard, an engineer turned designer, created what he referred to as the bikini.